Without the outside noise, a family of three learns to rediscover and enjoy the daily presents that exist in their everyday routines.
Directed and animated by: Catalina Matamoros
Sound design and music: Maria Fernanda Nárvaez.
Film festivals:
-Official Selection. VI Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil de Galicia, PequeFilmes. Spain, 2022
-Official Selection. Tehran International Animation Festival. Iran 2022
-Official Selection. Animalatina. Argentina. 2021
-Official Selection. Lago filmfest. Italy. 2021
-Official Selection. Animasivo. Mexico. 2020   
-Official Selection. Tour de cine para niños. Mexico. 2020        
-Official Selection. ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD. USA .2020  
-Official Selection. Petit Chiot. Panorama du Cinema Colombien. 2020
-Official Selection. Sommets du Cinema d'Animation. Canada. 2020
-Official selection. Thessaloniki Animation Festival. Greece. 2020
-Official selection. SOIFF 2020 -In Quarantine. Spain. 20202

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